See Diane Kruger's Most Amazing Hair Yet Up Close and in 360 Degrees 2011-05-12 14:53:00

360 Degrees of Diane Kruger's Coolest Plait Yet

From the Front

At the 2011 Cannes Film Festival premiere for Sleeping Beauty, Diane Kruger debuted what may be her most innovative hairstyle yet: a textured, tousled plait that was part fishtail braid, part pin curl, and 100 percent cool.

To get the look, start by spritzing a texturizing spray into dry hair. Leave out sections of hair in both the front and on top, braiding the back into a loose side braid.

Allow some of the front layers to hang freely, incorporating a few of these strands into braids that flow to the back, using bobby pins conspicuously to secure. Meanwhile, bring sections of hair from the top into the back of the style, braiding some pieces, while randomly bobby-pinning others to create a free-form shape. See a full circular view Diane's look now.

Source: WireImage

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