Gerard Butler and 16 Other Hot Guys Who Smell Amazing

Jul 18 2014 - 8:30am

While we usually reserve our fragrance reporting for the ladies, it's time we recognize the gentlemen (Brad Pitt [1], Robert Pattinson [2], and Matthew McConaughey [3], we're looking at you) who front some of the top designer cologne campaigns. The best thing about these ads isn't the smoldering stares, the fast cars, or even the risqué bedroom scenes, but rather the occasional shirtless [4] moment that makes us swoon (insert daydream of Alexander Skarsgard [5]'s muscles here). In honor of Gerard Butler [6]'s recent signing with Hugo Boss [7] fragrance, we rounded up 16 other male-fronted ads that make us drool. You can also shop these scents for the man in your life now. You're welcome.

Source: Instagram user azzaro_official [8]

Gerard Butler For Hugo Boss

The fashion brand recently announced [9] that Gerard will be fronting its Boss Bottled [10] ($70-$128) men's fragrance this Fall. We can't wait to see that scruffy beard and hear that Scottish brogue talking scent notes on our television screens.

Ian Somerhalder For Azzaro

Ian Somerhalder [11] . . . in all black . . . straddled by a model. This Azzaro Pour Homme [12] ($100) fragrance ad is pretty hot.

Alexander Skarsgard For Calvin Klein

Last year, Calvin Klein [13] called on True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard [14] to bring his brooding smirk to the men's scent Encounter [15] ($74).

Brad Pitt For Chanel

We will never forget Brad Pitt [16]'s ad monologue for the iconic fragrance Chanel No. 5 [17] ($120-$325). He is actually the only man on our list representing a women's scent — which spurred numerous spoofs [18].

Chris Pine For Giorgio Armani

This Summer, Chris Pine will star in a new campaign for Giorgio Armani's Code [19] ($65). Keep your fingers crossed for shirt-free scenes!

David Beckham

There's no need to hire a male model when you're as handsome as David Beckham [20]. He has multiple iterations of his fragrance, but Homme [21] ($25) is the most sophisticated of the bunch.

Robert Pattinson For Dior

Robert Pattinson [22] got to roll around with a new lady for his Christian Dior Homme [23] ($84) campaign. We were just excited to see a more dapper version of Robert as opposed to his typical scruffy look.

Jared Leto For Hugo Boss

Did you know that the Jared Leto [24] we know and love for his acting and singing was once a cologne model? He had a brief stint as the spokesman for Hugo Boss Red [25] ($79), but it was long before his long ombré locks [26] stage.

Eric Bana For Bulgari

What does the dapper Bulgari [27] man look like? The brand chose Eric Bana [28] to promote the Extreme cologne [29] ($62).

Chris Evans For Gucci

Evan Rachel Wood and Chris Evans make a devastating pair in the Gucci Guilty [30] ($84) campaign, and we have no shame in staring at Chris's . . . tattoo.

James Franco For Gucci

Mr. Do It All in a tuxedo could cause any woman to drool. Even though he barely says anything in this Gucci Made to Measure [31] ($68) spot, the message comes across clear. This scent was made for powerful (and sexy) guys.

Ryan Reynolds For Hugo Boss

Ryan Reynolds [32]'s panty-dropping gaze was perfect for the Hugo Boss Sport [33] ($60) campaign. But we have one question: is he zipping that leather jacket up or down?

Paul Walker For Davidoff

The late Paul Walker [34] represented Davidoff Cool Water [35] ($69) for years. His oceanic ad campaign [36] is just one of many components to his legacy.

Garrett Hedlund For Yves Saint Laurent

Young actor Garrett Hedlund nearly started a catfight in his commercial for YSL's La Nuit de L'Homme [37] ($85) ad. But if we had a man like that within reach, the claws would surely come out.

Orlando Bloom For Hugo Boss

Back in 2011, Orlando Bloom [38] leant his smile to the Hugo Boss Orange [39] ($67) ads.

Simon Baker For Givenchy

Simon Baker got drenched for Givenchy's Gentleman Only [40] ($49) print campaign. Simon . . . soaking wet . . . in a suit can definitely convince us to buy this juice for our man.

Matthew McConaughey For Dolce & Gabbana

Not that we needed another reason to envy Scarlett Johansson [41], but the lovely actress costarred with Matthew McCanaughey in this short film for Dolce & Gabbana's The One [42] ($50).

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