Shape Up! Hairstyling Hair Waxes

Hair waxes are the greatest invention for those of you with short hair that like to go for the chunky, piecey look. They are a cross between gel, mousse, and hairspray, allowing hair a medium hold with pliability. Genius, I say. Let me know what you think of these three styling hair waxes.

Bumble and Bumble Styling Wax ($23) is a styling product that helps separate and hold. Since it contains silicone, it also adds a fair amount of sheen to the hair. Because the wax stays moist, your hair will be more malleable than if you applied a hairspray or gel.

It also rinses out easily in just one washing and won't cause build up. Just click on Bumble's website to find a retailer nearest you that carries this product.

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Pantene Pro-V Texturize! Spray Wax ($3.33) adds definition to your 'do, while still allowing movement and shine. You can use it on either dry or damp hair: Simply shake well, spritz, and mold hair any way you like!

Paul Mitchell Spray Wax ($18.35) is made from all-natural beeswax, which provides a satiny and soft finish while still creating a soft hold. Hair is left feeling pliable and texturized. It also smells really great!


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