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Smell Sexy in the Sand With Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess

Last month, I told you all about Estée Lauder's new Bronze Goddess Makeup Collection. I dropped a little hint about the coconutty essence of the Bronze Goddess fragrance, but now that I've smelled it, I want to give you the whole scoop. At first whiff, it has a strong bitter orange aroma, but the heart of the fragrance is the smell of summertime.

Inside is a heavy dose of coconut, vetiver, myrrh, vanilla, mandarin, bergamot, lemon, tiare flower, jasmine, and magnolia. It's no wonder that the inspiration for the scent was a sunny, tropical beach. It seems like it would be overly sweet from the list of ingredients, but it also contains sandalwood, amber, and lavender which somehow balances the girliness with sexiness.

Since it's got such a wicked beachy vibe, Bronze Goddess really isn't suitable for any other season than Summer. But this is totally what you want to be wearing when you're on the beach with a special someone after the sun goes down.

The product range includes a 100ml bottle of eau fraiche ($49.50), a 100ml body oil ($29.50), and a 200ml luminous body lotion ($29.50). When you have the chance to try it out, come back and leave a comment so I know what you think.

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Bronze Goddess Fragrance


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