Spring 2009 Fashion Week Herve Leger

Hervé Léger Keeps It Simple For Spring

At Hervé Legér, makeup artist Val Garland described the look she created as "a little bit punk but in a Hervé Legér way." The design team and Garland's MAC team stumbled upon their perfect Spring 2009 look by accident, which is kind of punky in itself. "We did two looks [to show the Hervé Legér designers]. One was a really greasy smoky eye. Val was wiping it off and it left a ring, and they were like 'Stop right there! that's what we want!'" explained Senior Makeup Artist Ashley Dorsey. Aside from eyeliner, the look consisted only of MAC Select MoistureCover applied with an eyeliner brush, feathery mascara, and strobe cream on models' limbs.

For Val Garland's tips to get the look and more pictures from backstage, read more.

With skin, Garland adopted a less-is-more philosophy. Since it's early in Fashion Week and models' are still relatively rested and breakout-free, this was an easy feat. "Keep it real, keep it bare. Moisturizer, concealer if needed, maybe some highlighters," she said. "In this collection, there's a lot of skin."

The eyes took center stage. "I want it to be tight and very black, so it's a question of using an eyeliner, going over it with a waxy pencil, and then, so that it won't move, setting it with a black powder. So it's sooty, sooty, black, black, black, and it won't smudge. It's like makeup for the beach!" You know, if you wear $2000 dresses to the beach...