Spring 2009 Fashion Week Rodarte

Meet Rodarte's Paranoid Androids

What do you get when you put together 50 sheets of gold and silver leaf from Paris, MAC Pro Pigment in Acid Orange and a nail polish called "Fashion"? The look at Rodarte, which the designers referred to as "Beautiful Androids."

Using Aveda products, hairstylist Odile Gilbert smoothed models' hair into buns that resembled pin cushions, coated them with gobs of gel and covered them with gold (for blondes) and silver (for brunettes). "It was a conversation between the designers and me, we wanted something really graphic and futuristic," Gilbert joked backstage.

As for the makeup, "We're doing a kind of Ziggy Stardust look but mixing this orange feeling with a very natural feeling, so we're using a really translucent foundation to begin with, so the skin is really luminous," explained James Kaliardos. "We're lightening the eyebrows on some of the girls by brushing some foundation in — you can only do it if you have blonde hair. We're using an orange lip liner on the eye to make a boomerang shape and going over it with the orange pigment. We're also using orange-y peachy blush called Fun & Games high in the cheek bones and a salmon-colored lipstick. Curling lashes, no mascara. The idea is a monochromatic look, but not in brown tones or pinks — something more."

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