Thakoon Spring 2014 Hair and Makeup | Runway Pictures

Femininity Equals Parisian Chic at Thakoon

Thakoon Spring 2014

If you're looking for full-blown femininity, look no further than Thakoon's Spring 2014 show, where the beauty look focused on the ultimate Parisian-chic lady. Soft pink lips and bold brows defined the makeup look, curated by Diane Kendal for Nars. "It's really fresh, young, and beautiful," Kendal said. Curled lashes, bold brows, and luminous skin played up the pinks in the makeup look.

The hair was inspired by a bag in Thakoon's collection. "It's a bag that will go around the girls' neck," Odile Gilbert, lead stylist for Kérastase, said. While the top of the hair was voluminous and mussed, from the neck down, the hair was pin straight. There was even a tiny dent at the nape to mimic where the bag would sit, creating a very matte look for the overall style. Nails, by Morgan Taylor, were inspired by diamonds and pearls, with a shimmering pink being the cherry on top of this gorgeously girlie look.


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