If you are anything like me, you are lately consumed with thoughts of Thanksgiving deliciousness piling high on your plate. Keeping with all things beauty, we found some cute holiday-themed soap to amp up the anticipation. See if you can get past your savory cravings long enough to guess if it's on the menu or just soap.

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It's a-maize-ing how well corn goes with butter. (Then again, I guess butter tastes good on anything.) So, is this buttered cob the real deal or soap?
Buttery corn
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Macaroni and cheese has always been a longtime favorite of mine. Can you tell if this is Kraft or crafted?
Macaroni and cheese
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Who doesn't have room for pie? Rich and gooey pecan pie can complete any cornu-copious feast, but is this slice better suited for cleaning up?
Pecan pie
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It's never too early to start pouring the eggnog! The nutty "holiday in a cup" can really help bring in the spirit (especially if you add it), but is this a tempting drink or a cleanser?
Yummy eggnog
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Ice cream is the perfect complement to dessert, but are these the better for sweet potato pie or a warm bath?
Ice cream
Is It a Fancy Perfume Bottle or Pretty Paperweight?
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Is It a Fancy Perfume Bottle or Pretty Paperweight?