Tour of Beauty: Ion Studio

Think being ecologically friendly means you'll have to give up style? Think again. At Manhattan's Ion Studio, super-hip cuts and vibrant color come to life in an environmentally conscious space. With years of styling experience behind them, founders Leonardo Manetti, Marco Santini, and Pasquale Ferrante aim to create a salon that is as good to the earth as it is to your hair.

Simple ideas led to a greener salon space. Much of its bright, airy feeling is due to natural light from skylights, the salon runs on wind-powered energy, and the stylists use the excellent and sustainable hair-care line Davines. Look around the art-filled room and you'll even see pieces made by reworking furniture from the space's former tenant.

As much as I like the green credentials of Ion, I like the vibe there even more. Even though the stylists have years of backstage experience at fashion shows (remember this cool braid at Coventry?), there's not even a hint of pretense. Instead, everyone is friendly and down-to-earth — so you get the world-class hairstyle without the upturned-nose attitude. And that just might leave your friends green . . . with envy.