Twinkle Shines Brightly on the Runway

Yesterday morning, FabSugarUK and I ducked into Twinkle right before it started. (Whew!) This is one show I never want to miss for two reasons. First, the clothes are fun, wearable, and budget-friendly if I find them on sale. Second, Twinkle features a diverse cast of models every single time; in February, Wenlan Chia talked about how multicultural New York is, and how she casts models according to the people in the city around her. Love that.

Watching the models come down the runway was just plain fun. The clothes, inspired by Jean Seberg, had a bouncy '60s feel. And so the hair and makeup followed. Vinyl-shine coral lips were attention-getting while still being girlish, and icy highlighter brought shimmer to the eyes. Instead of being literal with a shellacked retro updo, models sported controlled coifs with swingy pieces of hair moving with their every step. While creating a hairstyle this complex might not be realistic for most of us (at least, not on a regular day), try leaving a loose bit of hair out of your next bun or French twist for a Twinkle-esque look.