Backtrack 10 years, if you will, and think of the Spice Girls' heyday. Would you have pegged Posh as the one to become the most famous of the five? But here we are, and Victoria Beckham is the one who's becoming a global lifestyle brand.

In Japan, she has a makeup line called V-Sculpt. I first heard about it a few months ago, when Yum and I were obsessed with making the gesture that Victoria does at the end of this video.

Come get the V-Type!

But only now have I discovered why she's calling her line V-Sculpt. For the explanation, plus a gallery of the only-in-Japan goods, read more

In the January issue of Elle, Victoria explains it. Here's an excerpt:

"It’s called V-Sculpt," she explains. “In Japan, [some women] are very self-conscious. They don’t like that they feel they have round faces. So I came up with this concept of sculpting. Basically, it shows where to highlight and how to apply the makeup. It’s all about sculpting your face and getting that V.” She makes a V
with her index fingers. "That sculpt."

I don't think that Victoria exactly invented this technique, and I happen to think round faces are pretty! But considering the popularity of Posh, I have a feeling she'll make a fortune. Do you think V-Sculpt would fly elsewhere? (And are you similarly addicted to watching this video?)