One of the world's most original chocolatiers is Vosges Haut-Chocolat, known for their exotic truffles and unusual treats such as bacon chocolate bars. And now they've created a luxurious gift to appeal to the fragrance fiend in all of us.

Chocolate and the Nose: The Sensory Collection is the ultimate Valentine's Day gift for anyone who has a sweet tooth and a love of scents. It's a box filled with 40 chocolate bars from around the world, plus—and here's where the beauty bit comes in—42 fragrance aromas with the essences of tobacco, earth, leather, orange blossom, burnt sugar and other notes. The idea is that in experiencing the different scents, you'll become a better food taster. Additionally, I think it would be a wonderful way to train your nose to discern various parts of a complex fragrance.

The only hitch? This gorgeous kit costs a hefty $375—far out of my price range. But if, say, your valentine just won the lottery, it couldn't hurt to drop a few hints.