Wella Hair Color Collection 2013

Wella Resonates With Its New Sound of Color Trend Collection

Wella Resonates With Its New Sound of Color Trend Collection

You've heard of The Sound of Music, but what about the sound of color? That's precisely the overall theme Wella Professionals Global Creative Directors Eugene Souleiman and Josh Wood devised for the brand's Trend Vision show this weekend in Madrid. "I think everybody hears music or sound in different ways, as you see color in different ways," explained Wood. "One person's pink is another man's navy blue, so I think it's interesting that this idea — the color and sound and music — came together."

Four separate teams from around the globe presented their own interpretations of Souleiman and Wood's artistic vision at the big event. From the creepy to the whimsical, the avant-garde looks displayed on the Spanish stage are sure to inspire. It's a note on how over-the-top creations, which are predominately done to spark the imagination and delight, eventually trickle down to form a more mass appeal.

Full disclosure: Wella Professionals flew a group of beauty journalists, myself included, to Madrid to attend and experience the show.


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