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Which Products Are More Expensive

Which Is More Expensive?

When it comes to beauty products, sometimes there are bargains to be had and other times we have to dig deeper into our wallets to get what we want. Whatever the case, let's see if you can detect what's more expensive among these splurges.

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Sarah Jessica Parker's SJP NYC gift set OR the complete set of Sex and the City on DVD?
SJP NYC set.
SATC set
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Philip Treacy's teardrop and feather headpiece OR teardrop earrings from Tiffany & Co?
Philip Treacy teardrop headpiece.
Teardrop earrings from Tiffany & Co.
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NYX Cosmetics train kit OR roundtrip Amtrak train tickets from New York to Los Angeles?
NYX train kit.
Amtrak train ride.
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Le Labo's Olfactory Dictionary from Barneys OR a 20-volume set of The Oxford English Dictionary?
Le Labo's dictionary.
Oxford dictionary
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The starting price on eBay to buy Chanel's sold-out turquoise-hued Nouvelle Vague nail polish OR a turquoise necklace from Ralph Lauren?
Chanel Nouvelle Vague.
Necklace from Ralph Lauren.
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