Are You Tired of Celebrity Fragrances?

Aug 9 2007 - 1:00pm

I can barely keep up with all the celebrity fragrances this fall: There's Sarah Jessica Parker [1] Covet [1], M by Mariah Carey [2], Britney Spears [3] Believe [4], Christina Aguilera [5], Intimately Beckham [6] and Paris Hilton [7] Can Can—to name just a few. Soon, we'll also have new scents from Daisy Fuentes, Kylie Minogue [8], Naomi Campbell [9], Celine Dion [10], Kate Moss [11], Carmen Electra [12], Jessica Simpson [13] and Paula Abdul [14]. (And let's not forget Antonio Banderas [15] for the guys!)

Some commenters have said they're sick of celebrity scents, but someone's buying them. Are you excited about these fragrances, or are you over it?

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