Yves Saint Laurent Dresses Lipstick in Couture

New from YSL is Yves Saint Laurent Lip Twins Duo, $30. Here is a totally new concept in cosmetics. Lip Twins Duo is a double lipstick encased in couture jewel-like packaging. This luxurious gold cylinder houses: two lipsticks, a mirror and when you pull out the monogrammed crown...you'll even find a brush! Keep turning the YSL logo for endless surprises.

The concept behind this invention is that a woman can now combine colors and textures to suit her many different moods. Wait, is this a little condescending? Women don't have mood swings (wink).

One side of the cylinder contains a satin lipstick that adds fullness to your lips. It has a rich texture and contains filler micro-spheres composed of dehydrated hyaluronic acid. They capture moisture on the lips like molecular sponges to really plump them up and fill in fine lines.

The second twin is a glossy lipstick that adds life and lustre to your lips. It contains Colorshine pigment complex that diffuses light like a magnifying glass to keep your lips shiny, smooth and ultra soft.

The lipsticks contain SPF 8 for protection. They also have a fragrance composed of: blackberry, raspberry, vanilla, violet, iris and rose. And they are available in 12 color combinations. For a list of colors and to see an instructional image, read more

1 – Sparkling Beige
2 – Purple Beige
3 – Pink Beige
4 – Carmine Beige
5 – Coral Harmony
6 – Pink Harmony
7 – Plum Harmony
8 – Brown Harmony
9 – Fuchsia Orange
10 – Blackcurrant Rose
11 – Red Cristal
12 – Raspberry Violet


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