iPhone App That Guesses Your Age

iPhone App of the Week: PhotoAge

Celebrities often look younger than their actual ages. But what about the rest of us? A while back, most of you said you don't look your age, but the PhotoAge app ($2) will tell you for sure. Or will it?

Using perception technology, this app guesses your age based on dimensions of the face. All you have to do is upload a photo of yourself or a friend, and PhotoAge scans it, spitting out an estimate of your age. And while I'm sure Halle Berry, who is actually 44, would love that PhotoAge thinks she's 22, this Bella is not so certain of the accuracy of the app. Case in point: one photo I uploaded of myself says I'm 26, but another photo that was scanned approximates that I'm 39. In reality, I'm somewhere in between, but a 13-year difference isn't exactly what I'd call accurate.

If you want to spare the $2 to get a good laugh, PhotoAge is silly fun. But if you want to have other people guess your age, why not ask the BellaSugar Community instead?

Source: WireImage